First Date (GTA IV)

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Mission in GTA IV
Three's a Crowd
First Date
Easy Fare
Starts at MichelleMarker.png Michelle's house
Given by Michelle
Reward You can date Michelle

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When you start this mission you will get an explanation about going out with friends and girlfriends. After that a cut scene will begin in which you will enter Michelle’s apartment. Niko and Michelle decide to go to the carnival, so now you have to drive there. But when you get there it appears to be closed so Michelle suggests to go bowling at the Memory Lanes bowling alley, just around the corner. Together with Michelle you have to walk there. Go to the desk and order a game, this one is for free. You do not have to win, Michelle will not mind. When you are finished bowling you will have to bring Michelle back to her home and when you get there she will tell you she would like to go out with you again! Mission accomplished!


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