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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Fish in a Barrel
High Noon
Starts at Marker Caligula's Palace
Given by Salvatore Leone
Reward $15,000.=

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Salvatore Leone has put Ken Rosenberg aside and taken over Caligula's Palace after CJ had hit the Sindacco Family in the mission The Meat Business. The Forelli Family have planned to kill Salvatore Leone and will arrive shortly at Las Venturas Airport in a Shamal. Salvatore Leone wanted to send his own men first, but gives the task now to CJ to stop the Forellis before they reach Las Venturas.

After the cut scene a FCR-900 will stand in front of Caligula's Palace. Get to the airport and steal the Dodo inside the hangar. Fly to the north towards the coming Shamal. You'll have to get behind the plane and fly through the red corona to trigger the cut scene. In this cut scene CJ makes a jump from the Dodo to the Shamal. Inside the plane you have to kill the four Forelli members, take cover when you have to reload your weapon. After these four you have to waste the pilot and fly the plane back to Las Venturas. Stop on the runway to complete the mission.


  • Fly at a height above the Shamal, indicated on your radar by a triangle blip pointing downwards. The Dodo will go faster when you decline and with this speed it's likely you can reach the corona. It might require some exercise and timing.
  • Take the armor which can be found in the same hangar as where you can find the Dodo.


On your way to LVA
Body armor
The corona
The pilot
Back to the airport
Mission passed!