Green Goo

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Black Project
not more than 60% fat
Green Goo
Saint Mark's Bistro
Starts at Marker Verdant Meadows
Given by The Truth
Reward $20,000.=
Asset of $10,000.=

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In this mission you have to steal some 'Green Goo' for The Truth, which is being transported by a train. Grab the jetpack which you get from The Truth and fly to the train, marked on you radar with a green blip.

It does not matter if you start at the front or at the back of the train, the jar of Green Goo is always in the third and last crate you destroy. Kill every soldier on the train and destroy the boxes by shooting at them. Get the 'Green Goo' out of the last crate and fly back to Verdant Meadows to deliver the Green Goo at The Truth.


  • If CJ has more than 60% fat you'll see an alternative cut-scene in which The Truth will make clear he has too much fat and that he'll have to loose weight. The best option to do this is in one of the gyms.
  • At the start of this mission you'll have a micro SMG, which can also be found at your abandoned airstrip. With this weapon you can aim and shoot while you're flying with the jetpack.