Black Project

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
between 8:00pm and 6:00am
not more than 60% fat
Black Project
Green Goo
Starts at Marker Verdant Meadows
Given by The Truth
Reward Thermal goggles spawn throughout San Andreas.
Jetpack, combat shotgun and armor spawn in Area 69.

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In this mission you have to steal a secret project for The Truth. The secret project is made in the military base, called Area 69. The Truth drops you at the entrance of the base. In front of you lies a big terrain with many soldiers and watch-posts. First you have to go through this area to get into the underground complex.

There are two ways to accomplish this. The first and also the safest way is the 'stealth'-way. While covered and with a sniper rifle, you kill every soldier. Then you go into the control room, marked with a yellow square, where you can open the gates. The second way is going inside through the air vent, while you are shooting.

Once you are inside, go through the first room into the second room. There is armor and a minigun, these might be handy. Kill everyone in this room, at the end of the second room there is a small circular corridor which leads downstairs. There is also another corridor which leads to a small bridge. That small bridge leads to another room when you walk straight away. Go into this control room and switch of the SAM-sites.

Go back into the previous room, along the east side there is a gap and there you can also find an armor and health. Go further through the corridor. After this you will come into halls with a few soldiers. When leaving the halls, you are in a small space with a door, which is closed. Get the security-card from the scientist, who is holding his hands up, and open the door. After this you'll be in a big room with stairs spiralling down along the walls. Go downstairs and kill every soldier you see.

At the bottom you'll find the black project: a jetpack! Get the jetpack and fly up, through the gap in the ceiling. Don't worry about the soldiers, because they can't hit you. Because you turned off the SAM-sites, you wont be killed by rockets when you fly away from Area 69. Fly to the top of the mountain in El Castillo del Diablo and you accomplished this mission.


  • If CJ has more than 60% fat you'll see an alternative cut-scene in which The Truth will make clear he has too much fat and that he'll have to loose weight. The best option to do this is in one of the gyms.
  • In contrast with the night-vision goggles the locations of the thermal goggles are unique, so once picked-up it won't reappear at that location.
  • The jetpack, combat shotgun and armor which spawn in Area 69 as reward for this mission are unfortunately not attainable, because they are located in the underground complex.


Inside the underground complex.
Kill every soldier on your path.
Take the security-card.
Escaped with the black project.
Mission passed!