Liquidize the Assets

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Mission in GTA IV
Dining Out
Liquidize the Assets
That Special Someone
Starts at GambettiMarker.png Hospital in Schottler
Given by Jon Gravelli
Reward $14.500

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When you enter John Gravelli’s room, you will meet up with an old acquaintance, it is your contact at United Liberty Paper. They will tell you the Ancelotti’s are dealing drugs with the Russians. They have a large amount of cocaine in Alderney which they want to spread all over the country. Usually your contact is not really interested in drugs, but this large amount is kind of troublesome. He wants you to destroy (ook nl) everything, no matter what. If you destroy the drugs, your contact has a special “present” for you.

Go to the place where the vans are. When you get there a cut scene will start in which you will see it is heavily guarded, you will see the position of a sharpshooter and very briefly an alternative route will be shown. You have two options; Jump like Rambo over the fence and shoot everyone along with the vans. But there is a better way. Climb over the fence with the plates, which is on your right after the cut scene. Walk along until you can go left, but do not do that. There is a ladder against the building on your right. Go up and use the wall to get to the building on the other side. You now will see some ventilation shafts. Use them to get up on the roof. Go to the next wall and climb up to the next roof. You now see another ladder. Get up to the final roof. Here you will see someone. Use the element of surprise and kill him. Take the PSG1 and kill everyone you can see from above. First shoot the Russians on the rooftops, and after that the ones on the ground. Beware of the two men who come at you via the staircase. Once everyone who was visible from the rooftop is dead, use the staircase to go down. Near the door to the staircase you will find armor. Once you get down you will see the first van. You can destroy it, but it is also possible to first kill the remaining Russians. You better do so, so go on and kill every living soul you come up with. After all Russians are dead, it is time to destroy the vans, and after you did so, the mission is completed. Niko will now call Gravelli to tell him the good news, and Gravelli has some good news for Niko as well. He says he will talk to you when Darko Brevic will arrive to Liberty City.


  • Start with full health and armor, and some descent weapons, like a SMG and an assault riffle. You will find ammo for a sniper and some grenades, but you can also bring some in advance. In stead of blowing the vans with a grenade, you can also use a RPG.
  • You will find grenades on a pack covered with a blue cloth. The pack is near the three vans that are close together.
  • Near these three vans you will also find two packs with armor on it.


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