That Special Someone

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Mission in GTA IV
Liquidize the Assets
Pest Control
Buoys Ahoy
Paper Trail
That Special Someone
One Last Thing
Starts at After phone call
Given by None
Reward That Special Someone

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In this mission, everything comes together; your contact at United Liberty Paper will give you a call after you completed Liquidize the Assets, Pest Control, Buoys Ahoy and Paper Trail. He will tell you they have you man, Darko Brevic. He just arrived at Francis International Airport and they keep him for Niko to get there. Niko will call Roman to tell him about it. Roman tells you not to go alone, and you have to pick him up at Firefly Island. So go to Roman and take him to the airport. While driving Niko and Roman have a deep conversation.

Once you get at the airport, some men will throw Darko out of a van. A cut scene will start in which you will see Darko has become an addict and he will tell you he betrayed everyone. He had some problems and betrayed you for $1.000,=. After the cut scene the choice is yours, kill him or let him stay miserable. Whatever you choose, it will not affect the story. When you kill him, Niko will tell it has not filled the emptiness in his life, of which he thought would be filled by killing Darko. When you decide to let him live, Niko will at first feel bad about it, but after a while he will consider Darko’s death would not matter. After your choice Roman asks you to bring him to Brucie's house. After you dropped Roman off at Brucie’s he will ask you to join him. Niko says he rather wants to be alone and he thanks Roman for joining him. After this the mission is passed, Niko will call Bernie to tell him about what happened.


  • Do not hesitate to answer the phone call. This mission is very easy and you do not need full health and armor or special weapons.