Logging On

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Mission in GTA IV
Final Destination
Logging On
Rigged to Blow
Exotic Exports
Starts at RomanMarker.png Roman's Taxi Company
Given by Roman Bellic
Reward None

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If you like action, this will not be your favorite mission. This is another tutorialmission, in which you will be explaned how to get on the internet. During the cutscene you will see Brucie Kibbutz for the first time, a friend of Roman who he has met on the internet. Roman tells you that Niko should go on the internet as well, to go with the times and so that Roman does not have to tell Niko about the emails he gets from family. After that Roman and Brucie will go for a women hunt and you will have go to the markerTw@ internet cafe. Once you are there Niko will talk with the receptionist. She will tell him that she has already set up a computer for him and he only has to follow the instructions. So go to a computer and press the actionbutton, which is E[PC], Left1.gif[PS3] or left shoulderbutton[X360]. After that you will have to read your emails. So open your Eyefind-inbox and open the email you received. Now you have to activate your account, you do this bij pressing the smiling face: Niko will react on the email positive. After doing this you can go outside and once you are outside the mission is finished!