Rigged to Blow (GTA IV)

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Mission in GTA IV
No Love Lost
Logging On
Rigged to Blow
The Master and the Molotov
Search and Delete
Starts at FaustinMarker.png Faustin's house
Given by Mikhail Faustin
Reward $700,=

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When you enter the marker a cut scene will start. Niko will ring the doorbell and Ilyena Faustin, Mikhail's wife, will open the door. She will tell you that Mikhail is not home yet and that Niko can wait for him inside. Once inside you have a conversation with Ilyena that will tell you a bit more about Niko's past in the army. After a while Faustin and Dimitri will come in and Faustin will be yelling at his wife because she uses a tea pot he has told her not to use. His wife will leave you while crying and Faustin will sit down. He asks you to pick up a truck and to place it in a garage owned by Kenny Petrovic.

After this you will have to drive to the location of the truck and get in. Once you are in the truck Niko will call Faustin and Faustin will tell him the truck is loaded with explosives and Niko should drive very calmly. Now you have to drive to the garage, but if you collide too much, the truck will explode! The light at the back of the truck will blink and you will hear a sound. The faster it blinks and sounds, the lesser you have to damage the truck for it to explode while driving to the garage. Roman will give you a call and will ask you to go drinking with him. This kind of thing happens a lot; friends calling you if you do not have time for them. Once you have parked the truck in the marker you will have to set the bomb. After that you will see a cut scene in which Niko walks out of the garage and the garage explodes. You will have to leave the crime scene, or you will get a wanted level.


  • Drive very calmly, there is no time limit!


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