Luck of the Irish

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Mission in GTA IV
Street Sweeper
Luck of the Irish
Blow Your Cover
Starts at ElizabetaMarker.png Elizabeta's apartment
Given by Elizabeta Torres
Reward $1500,=

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Elizabeta wants you to keep an eye on a deal which Patrick McReary is about to make. She and Packie do not trust it, so you must keep an eye on it. When you walk outside with Packie he will tell you that a sniper rifle is prepared for you. It is on the roof of a building across the alley where the deal will happen. Go to the location. There will be a marker in front of the building. Get inside and go up the stairs to the roof where the sniper rifle will be. Take it and walk towards the point from where you will overlook the deal. Take a look at the instructions and play a little with it, but pay attention. Packie and the dealers will become hostile and there will be weapons. Now it is your turn! Shoot all the attackers with the sniper rifle. When almost everyone is dead, one will try to flee in a small van. Try to shoot him before he reaches it. If that is not possible, aim through the windshield and shoot him before he can drive off.


  • At a certain moment Packie will become in a struggle with one of the attackers at the front of the alley. The attacker has a knife, so you better shoot him before he kills Packie. The attacker has a red arrow above his head, Packie has a blue one.
  • There is a trick to shoot very fast with the sniper rifle. After you shoot, crouch quickly and then stand back up. The sniper rifle will shoot faster, which comes in handy if you have to kill a lot of people. Aiming however will be a bit more difficult.


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