Payback (GTA IV)

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Mission in GTA IV
Pegorino's Pride
Catch The Wave,
Starts at JimmyMarker.png Pegorino's house
Given by Jimmy Pegorino
Reward At most $15.000

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Jimmy Pegorino has some problems with the Pavano’s, as you might have noticed during the previous mission. A few of their members are in town to collect some money. Jimmy wants you to find them, and to follow them to their meeting. At this moment they are at the diner in Acter. He does not want the money, you can keep it. He just wants you to get even with them!

Once you are outside, you will have to take the PMP 600 to the diner. Once you get there a cut scene will start in which the two men from the Pavano’s will mention you are possibly working for the Pegorino’s, which is actually true. They want to play a game with you and they will try to loose you on their way to the meeting. Show them this will not be easy and follow them. The chase will lead through alleys and the Pavano’s will do their best to loose you. Keep it cool and follow them, do not be too hasty. Once you arrive at the deal, which is at Auto Eroticar, you will have to kill five men. While shooting them, you will probably get a one or two star wanted level. Loose it to pass the mission. The best way is to steal a car from the showroom and drive off.


  • At the diner in Acter, park your car in the marker facing north. That is the direction in which the Pavano’s will drive.
  • When you arrive at Auto Eroticar, you better pass it and shoot everyone from a distance with a powerful weapon like a carbine rifle.
  • The men you will have to shoot carry $3000 each, with a total of $15000. After this mission you will not receive a reward, you will have to collect it yourself.


  • The money you leave behind will still be there at any time you come back, even after you finished the storyline!