Pegorino's Pride

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Mission in GTA IV
Truck Hustle
Pegorino's Pride
Starts at JimmyMarker.png Pegorino's house
Given by Jimmy Pegorino
Reward $10.500

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Put on your suite and descent shoes, otherwise you can not start this mission. You have already bought these clothes for some previous missions, so they are still in your wardrobe.

Jimmy Pegorino and two of his men are about to make a deal with the Pavano family. Jimmy does not trust it and he asks you to protect them, or at least him, in case something goes wrong. Once you are outside you will have to get in the black Schafter. Wait for Jimmy Pegorino to get in and drive to an old refinery at Acter Industrial Park, where the meeting will be. Once you get there and you parked the car in the marker a cut scene will start in which you will receive a PSG1. You will be told to enter a building and to go upstairs to oversee the meeting. So go inside and upstairs, go to the point where you will have to shoot. After a cut scene you will regain control over Niko and now you have to be a guardian angel. Oversee the meeting and wait for things to happen. Suddenly a man will appear behind Jimmy Pegorino and he will start shooting. Everyone else will take out a weapon. Now it is your turn! Kill everyone and make sure Jimmy Pegorino will survive. Once everyone is dead you will have to save him again. Go downstairs and go to Jimmy. There are still people who want you dead, so be careful. Once you are with Jimmy, a Sultan will drive off with Jimmy’s peace offer to the Pavano’s. Chase them to get it back. Be careful, you only have to follow them, do not shoot them! At a certain moment they will crash, and you will have to kill them. After they are all dead, you will have to take the present back to Jimmy Pegorino in the black Schafter, and to drop him off at his home.


  • When you have to rescue Pegorino, you will have to wait a moment because a hostile Sultan will appear. Kill them all, that makes it a little easier when you are back on the ground.
  • When you have to rescue Pegorino, you better go around the building. There will be lesser enemy’s which saves bullets and health.


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