Roman's Sorrow

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Mission in GTA IV
Russian Revolution
Roman's Sorrow
Escuela of the Streets
Starts at After Roman's phone call
Given by Roman Bellic
Reward Safe house in Bohan
Lowest Point

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After the mission Russian Revolution this mission will start if you call Roman, or, if you do not, Roman calls you. First you have to pick up Roman, who has locked himself in the trunk of his own car. Niko and Roman argue a little and decide that arguing will not solve the problems. Roman suggests they go to the apartment to collect some goods and to leave Broker for a while. But, when you appear at Roman’s apartment, it is on fire! Now you have to go to Roman’s company. When you get there, it seems to be on fire as well! Now you have to drive to Bohan, where Mallorie has arranged a place for you to stay. She tells you she knows someone you might be able to do some jobs for. After the cut scene the mission is passed and this is your new safe house.


Since your first save-house has just gone up in flames, you will not be able to use it as a safe-house anymore. The parking however can still be used for saving two vehicles.


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's Sorrow2.jpg
's Sorrow3.jpg
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