Russian Revolution

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Mission in GTA IV
The Master and the Molotov
Russian Revolution
Roman's Sorrow
Starts at When you call Dimitri or when he calls you
Given by Dimitri Rascalov
Reward none

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This mission will start after Dimitri Rascalov has called you. You can also call him instead of waiting. He wants you to come to a warehouse. Shortly after that you have a conversation by phone with Little Jacob, who does not trust things how they go. He offers you to go along with you and you will take that offer. Drive to the warehouse. When you get there you will meet Little Jacob and you will talk to him. When you enter the warehouse it seems to be a trap. When you were still living in Eastern Europe you once had some problems on a boat, something that had cost a lot of money to Ray Bulgarin. It appears Dimitri is a friend of him...

After the cut scene there will be a major fire fight. Take cover behind the objects available and kill everyone. Take the guns from the ones that are dead, so you will not run out of ammunition. There will be a first aid kit and some body armor in the warehouse, which will come in handy if you are about to die.

After a while you will see a cut scene in which Dimitri and Ray will run away. After this you will have a 2 star wanted level. Go outside, but first you have to shoot some policemen. Take a police car or another car which is near and lose your wanted level. When you have lost your wanted level, you will have to bring Little Jacob back to the Homebrew cafe and the mission will be accomplished.


  • Make sure you have an excellent weapon, like the Micro SMG, because it is fast. Much better than a pistol.
  • Take your time; there is no time limit so you can shoot everyone calmly before you go to the exit.


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