She's a Keeper

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Mission in GTA IV
She's a Keeper
Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend
Starts at GeraldMarker.png Alderney State Correctional Facility
Given by Gerald McReary
Reward $9750

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When you get to the prison in Alderney, Gerald will try to tell you, using code, that the Ancelottis have found the location of Gracie. You will have to bring her to another place, a house in Algonquin. Go to the old safe house in Alderney to pick up Gracie. Gordon will put her in the trunk as requested by Niko. As soon as you drive off you will be followed by two cars with Ancelottis. Follow the route displayed on your GPS. Once you have passed the highway, you will loose your chasers. Make sure the car is not damaged too much. When it is, there is a slight chance Gracie is dead. You will notice it when you arrive at the new safe house. Drive into the marker and Packie will come to you. He will open the trunk and will see Gracie screaming, after which he will close the trunk. He will thank you, and the mission will be passed.


  • As long as you will hear Gracie talking from the trunk, you can be sure she is alive. In case you will not hear from here for sometime, she probably is dead.


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