Ransom (GTA IV)

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Mission in GTA IV
Late Checkout,
Photo Shoot,
I'll Take Her
She's a Keeper
Starts at RansomMarker.png After phone call
Given by Patrick McReary
Reward None

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After several ingame hours, Patrick will call you to tell you that the old man Ancelotti does not believe they have taken his daughter Gracie as a hostage. He thinks she took off with some guy. Packie wants you to take a picture of Gracie, so he can send it to Giovanni. Go to the apartment where you delivered Gracie in the previous mission, and go to the second floor. Open the door to see Gracie tied up. Gordon Sargent will be there as well. Slap Gracie in the face by pressing L1[PS3], the left bumper[X360] or E[PC] to make her look at you. Now take out you phone and select the camera. Take a picture of Gracie and send it to Packie. Leave the apartment to pass the mission.


This is the only mission you can accomplish while playing other missions. The RansomMarker.png–icon will always be on the radar, even during other missions.


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