T-Bone Mendez (mission)

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
T-Bone Mendez
Mike Toreno
Starts at Marker Pleasure Domes
Given by Jizzy B.
Reward $5,000.=

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One of Jizzy's vans, loaded with drugs, is being ambushed by a group of bikers. Go to the van and jump on the FCR-900. Pick one of the biker-icons on your radar and chase the biker. When you are close enough, you can steal the package they have stolen by pressing the "fire"-button. Repeat this with the other three bikers until you retrieved all four packages. After you stole a package from a biker he will chase you trying to get it back.

When you collected all four packages return to the Pleasure Domes to complete the mission.


  • Instead of stealing the packages from the bikers you can also kill them with a drive-by and then get the package. You'll waste a lot of ammo this way, but they won't chase you.


On your way to the van.
Close to the van.
Right before stealing.
Package stolen.
Back to Jizzy.
Mission Passed!