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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Photo Opportunity
T-Bone Mendez
Mountain Cloud Boys
Starts at Marker Doherty Garage
Marker Pleasure Domes
Given by Doherty Garage
Jizzy B.
Reward $3,000.=

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Another mission which is divided into two parts, first you'll see a cut scene in which Woozie explains the members of the Loco Syndicate according to the pictures CJ made during the last mission. An unknown who pulls the strings, T-Bone Mendez and Jizzy B.; Ryder is of course a familiar face for CJ. After the cut scene you've to go to Marker Jizzy's Pleasure Domes in Battery Point where the mission itself starts, between cut scene and mission you've the opportunity to save your progress in one of your safe houses.

The first assignment you've got to do for Jizzy is to drop one of his 'bitches' in the Downtown area. Drive to the place indicated on your radar and stop in the marker. The girl will step out of the vehicle and enter the building. Carl Johnson calls Jizzy for his next assignment.

This second assignment is a pimp trying to peel over some of Jizzy's whores. He's actually trying right now in Hashbury, so drive to that area, but pay attention to the timer. When you get close to the prostitute and the player, they will notice you and the player will start shooting. After a few shots both will start running away, giving you a good opportunity to just drive over the player, killing him quite easily. Of course you could also step out of the vehicle and pump some lead in him. Once you get back into the car Jizzy will call you, giving you yet another assignment.

You've to drive over to Foster Valley, there's a time limit so don't fool around. Under the bridge two men are harassing one of Jizzy's prostitutes and they have to be killed. When you arrive, step out of your car and shoot the two men. Get back in the car to get the final assignment from Jizzy.

Apparently, the bitch you dropped of at the beginning of this mission wants out of the game. Go back to Downtown San Fierro to make her regret it. Stop in the red marker, you'll see a Stretch driving past you, along with a security vehicle. They will be driving at normal speed, until you move in and damage them. The security vehicle will be the easiest to destroy, so focus on that one first. Choose a good moment to start doing drive-by's and keep on doing those until the car explodes.

The limousine is much harder to destroy. It drives very steady and hitting it in the side will not make it slip, unlike many other cars. The best way to destroy it is by driving next to it and doing a couple of drive-by's. Eventually, the car will explode. CJ calls Jizzy to tell him everything is taken care of and Jizzy will thank you for it. Mission is completed, but you've got a two star wanted level.


Jizzy B and the strippers.
Pimp mobile.
Dropping of Jizzy's girl.
About to waste the pimp.