Tagging up Turf

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Tagging up Turf
Cleaning the Hood
Starts at Marker Sweet's House
Given by Sweet
Reward Respect
Spray can in the bedroom of the Johnson House

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In the cut scene you'll see Big Smoke and Sweet playing basketball, they're talking about the fact that other gangs in Los Santos have to know that Grove Street is coming back. You are ordered to spray the tags of rival gangs in order to regain respect for the Grove Street Families.

Get in the Greenwood and drive to the marker on your radar. When you arrive at the marker Sweet shows you how to spray, he'll spray the first of 100 gang tags spread all over Los Santos. After that you will have to spray two tags, the first is at the house in front of the Greenwood, the other in an alley behind that house. Look out for the Ballas and the cops!

Now get back in the Greenwood and drive to the marker. You have to spray another two tags, the first is near you so that's easy. Look out for the cops, if they see you spraying the tags you will get a one star wanted level. The other tag is in an alley where some Ballas are holding up. Walk to the Ballas and spray them in their face until they're dead. When that's done spray the tag. Walk to the marker and jump over two fences and climb onto the building. Now spray the last tag.

You will see a short cut scene where Sweet tells you to get in the car. Drive to Grove Street and the mission is passed! After saving you will get called by officer Hernandez. He tells you not to leave the city, or you will regret it! When you try to travel to far away, towards San Fierro and/or Las Venturas you'll risk a four star wanted level.


  • You can also use a car to drive over the Ballas or kill them with a weapon instead of spraying them to death.


  • After you completed this mission basketballs will appear on the basketball-courts.

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