Taking in the Trash

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Mission in GTA IV
A Long Way to Fall,
Three Leaf Clover
Taking in the Trash
Starts at RayMarker.png Drusilla's, Little Italy
Given by Ray Boccino
Reward $9000
LSD clothes

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When you enter Drusilla’s, you will start to talk to Ray. After a while Ray’s girlfriend will join you. She looks terrible, because she has been smoking crystal meth. She tells Ray she has “it”. After that Ray tells you to pick up some garbage (filled with diamonds). There is a Trashmaster on F between Columbus and Denver with some of Ray’s men, and their leader is Luca. You will have to drive the Trashmaster and two other men will pick up the garbage. When they have the garbage bags, you will have to open the back of the Trashmaster. After the second pick-up a car will chase you and they will shoot at you. You will have to bring the diamonds to Fishmarket South.


  • When the hostile car appears, you can leave the Trashmaster and kill the driver and the shooting passenger, so they will not bother you any longer.


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