A Long Way to Fall

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Mission in GTA IV
Waste Not Want Knots
A Long Way to Fall
Taking in the Trash
Starts at RayMarker.png Drusilla's, Little Italy
Given by Ray Boccino
Reward $8500

After Smackdown is completed:
Alderney safe house

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When you enter Drusilla’s, the waiter will tell you Ray Boccino is sitting in the back, Niko goes to him. A former friend of Ray, Teddy Benedives, has to be killed and you have to do it. Teddy Benedives lives in a project on Galveston Avenue and Uranium Street. While you are getting there, Ray will send you a text-message with a photo of a guy called Alonzo, who might help you if you are a little persuasive. When you arrive, you have to look for Alonzo. You will recognize him by the ‘72’ on his shirt. When you have found him you have to intimidate him, the best way is to aim a gun at him. Alonzo will tell you that Teddy lives op the upper floor in apartment 151K.

Go inside and take the elevator to the 21st floor. You can not go up any further because of a malfunctioning. In the meantime you will see a cit scene in which Alonso calls Teddy to warn him. When you get on the 21st floor you have to go up some more floors by using the staircase. You will meet some of Teddy’s men, they will shoot at you, and so you better shoot them. Be especially careful when you go up the first stairs, there will be someone with a combat shotgun. When you go up the next stairs, there will be someone with a combat shotgun again. When you get at teddy’s apartment you have to go inside. Inside there will be some more of Teddy’s men so be careful. When you get near Teddy, you will see a cut scene in which Teddy tries to escape and leaves the apartment, you have to follow and kill him. He runs to the roof, follow him but be careful. You will meet some more of his men, but they should not be a big problem. When you get to the roof, Teddy will be stuck, because a door appears to be locked. Push him or shoot him over the edge to pass the mission, it really is a long way down.


Make sure you have a full ring of health and armor; it might also be useful to equip yourself with a combat shotgun and a micro SMG. After you have intimidated Alonzo you can shoot him so he will not alarm Teddy’s men and they will not shoot at you when you get out of the elevator.


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