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Challenge in GTA San Andreas
Vank Hoff Hotel
Valet mission
Requires 555 WE TIP and Valet Uniform
Location Vank Hoff Hotel, Financial, San Fierro
Goal Complete 5 levels
Reward $1,000.=
Asset of $2,000.= at the Vank Hoff Hotel.
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Before starting the Valet Mission, you have to go to a safehouse with a wardrobe to put on the Valet Uniform. This suit will become available after the mission 555 WE TIP. You can find it in your wardrobe under the "Special" clothes. When you have put the clothes on drive to the Vank Hoff Hotel in San Fierro and walk into the red marker in front of the building to start the mission. To complete the mission, you have to bring the cars of the guests of the hotel to the parking garage and park them into the given area. The mission is divided into 5 levels, and every level takes two minutes to park a certain number of cars. For every higher level an extra car must be parked within the time. Killing another Valet will cost you 20 seconds and the risk of a wanted level. In the following table you can see an overview what you have to do per level:

Level Cars Minutes Tip
1 3 2 $100
2 4 2 $200
3 5 2 $300
4 6 2 $400
5 7 2 Asset


  • Stand on the side of the driver when waiting for guests. This way another Valet won't get into the car before you do.
  • As soon as you drive into the garage, turn the camera in a way you can see where you have to park the car. This saves you some time.


Level1 copy.jpg
Tip 1
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Tip 2
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