Wrong Side of the Tracks

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Running Dog
Wrong Side of the Tracks
Just Business
Starts at BigSmokeMarker.gif Idlewood
Given by Big Smoke
Reward Respect

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In the beginning of this mission you have to take Big Smoke to Unity Station. Get in the Glendale and drive into the marker. In the cut scene you'll see you are too late, and the Vagos jump onto the leaving train.

Get on the Sanchez and follow the train, drive next to it and keep enough distance so Big Smoke can hit the Vagos easily. When you are too close to the train Big Smoke will shoot more at the train than at the Vagos.

The first obstacle is a car in the middle of the tracks. You have to drive in front of the train, so you don't have to worry about the explosion which is caused by the crash between the train and the car. Close to the tunnel there will be an oncoming train, and again you have to drive in front of the train.

For the last part you have to drive on hills after you come out of the tunnel. When your bike skills are good enough you can, when you are on the bridge, jump on the train and kill the Vagos yourself. When you killed all the Vagos on the train then this mission is passed!


  • Stay next to the locomotive with your Sanchez, the one on which the four Vagos are. Big Smoke is a very bad shooter, but if you can hold your Sanchez, there could be two dead before you reach the tunnel. Then take the way uphill (or jump with the motor on the train) and keep the Sanchez next to the locomotive, stay as far as possible to the right. The two remaining Vagos are supposed to be dead before the train drives onto the bridge. With some practice, this mission could be completed.
  • The Sanchez you use to chase down the train is fully immune to any damage. If you'd like to obtain it, you must kill all the Vagos, and then ditch the Sanchez in water (Preferrably Glen Park) then you must kill Big Smoke and then you simply push the Sanchez out of the water and store it in your garage. Quick note: You must ditch it deep enough or it will not be fully immune after you kill Big Smoke


Get on the Sanchez.
Help Big Smoke.
Counter Attack!
In the Tunnel 1.
In the Tunnel 2.
Take Big Smoke home.
Mission Passed!