Just Business

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Wrong Side of the Tracks
Just Business
Reuniting the Families
Starts at BigSmokeMarker.gif Idlewood
Given by Big Smoke
Reward None

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First you have to drive to a glass building in Downtown. Get in the Glendale and drive to the marker. You'll see a short cut scene where Big Smoke enters the building and he'll call you when he needs help. After a while Big Smoke calls you and you have to go inside.

Once inside immediately grab a gun because there is a heavy fight going on! Kill all the Russians and protect Big Smoke, because when he dies the mission is failed. Before you step outside you might pick up the Body Armor which will be useful. You'll have to go outside where more Russians are waiting for you! And again, kill everyone.

Big Smoke will get a bike and you get on the back of his bike to do drive-by's on the Russians. Try to shoot at the drivers and the enemies which do the drive-by's, instead of the motors and cars. You will also get to see a Packer, but don't spill your energy on that truck because it is indestructible and doesn't harm you.

After a while, there is a roadblock and Big Smoke stops for a few seconds. Kill as many enemies as possible in the mean time, so that you won't die. Ultimately Big Smoke decides to go through the flood control channels. Keep shooting at everyone.

After you drive over the Packer (which is broken), you have to destroy the fence of the tunnel by shooting it. The Russians are still following you, but fortunately there are some oil-barrels. Shoot these barrels so they explode and destroy the bikes! Mission Passed!


On the way to Downtown.
Invasion in the building.
Begin of the Chase.
During the Chase.
Mission Passed!