Wrong is Right

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Mission in GTA IV
The Snow Storm,
Photo Shoot
Wrong is Right
Portrait of a Killer
Starts at VraagtekenMarker.png - United Liberty Paper Office
Given by United Liberty Paper Contact
Reward $6500,=

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When you arrive at the "Unknown Contact"’s marker, you will meet with Michelle, also known as Karen, which is her real name. She will bring you to an unknown man. This man wants you to do a job for him: You will have to collect as many information about one Oleg Minkov as possible. Go to his apartment and enter the marker. Once you are inside the place will be left alone, only his laptop will be on the table. Niko will call his unknown contact and tell him about this. The man wants you to read the e-mails and check them for anything interesting. Go to the computer and log on. Go to the mailbox and check the first e-mail. Then log off and Niko will call the unknown man. Oleg Minkov has an appointment to meet someone on Tulsa Street, Hove Beach. You will be ordered to go there and to kill Oleg Minkov. Once you are there, Minkov will meet up with someone, but he will notice that you are spying on them. Minkov will flee in a car. Chase him and destroy his car. When Minkov leaves the car you can shoot him.


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