The Snow Storm

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Mission in GTA IV
The Puerto Rican Connection
The Snow Storm
Wrong is Right,
Have a Heart
Starts at ElizabetaMarker.png Elizabeta's apartment
Given by Elizabeta Torres
Reward $2500,=

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When you start this mission, you will see Elizabeta and Little Jacob arguing. Elizabeta blames Jacob about all kinds of things and she tells Niko to do Jacob’s work: retrieving stolen cocaine.

When you arrive at the old hospital you will have to find Elizabeta’s cocaine. It is in the heart of the old hospital, so you will have to pass the gangsters who guard the hospital. Surprise one of the gangsters who walks outside by shooting him in the head and then shoot the other one. Take cover by the post and shoot the gangsters who are inside. One will be below, but be carefull: Two will be above you! When they are dead you go to the door which is on the left side of the room. Take cover and shoot everyone in the hallway in front of you. Slowly go through the hallway, watch out for any gangsters above you. When you enter the hallway there will be one above you who will open fire upon you. Then, finally, there will be two more gangsters inside the room where the cocaine is. You can shoot them, but a grenade or Molotov cocktail will be very useful as well. Then take the body armor and go to the drugs. You will now see a small cut scene in which Niko calls Jacob.

After the call you will have a 3 star wanted level. Quickly go to the first hallway, not the one you came through, but do not enter it. Give the NOOSE-policemen who dash into the room a warm welcome by shooting them one after the other. When there are no more policemen you go back. Now you go to the hallway through which you came. Do not enter it, but wait in the last room. If necessary there will be a first aid kit to restore your health. Again shoot all the policemen. When no-one will enter any longer, you carefully go to the first room in which you entered the building. Keep aiming, so you can fire when there are any policemen left. When you are in the first room, you quickly must leave the hospital and get in a vehicle. You now must lose your 3 star wanted level.

When you have lost your wanted level you must deliver the drugs to Little Jacob. When you have reached Jacob a familiar face will appear: Michelle. She will tell you she works for the government and it is her job to keep an eye on you. She asks you to give her the cocaine and she tells you that her employers are looking for someone like you.


  • Get yourself quite some weaponry. Get enough ammo for a SMG, a shotgun and perhaps even an assault rifle.
  • Outside there will be a combat shotgun against the wall and one of the gangsters has one also. Take it, it will come in handy.
  • Losing a 3 star wanted level is rather difficult. Try to get out of the circle by going through streets without police. What also will be handy is the use of a Pay 'n' Spray. This works excellent, but only if the cops do not see you entering it. A possibility is to enter the Bobcat after you leave the old hospital. This pick-up is not one of the fastest, but it is pretty fast and is also quite firm. Press start and put a waypoint on the Pay 'n' Spray in Purgatory, Algonquin. Drive as fast as you can and lose your chasers. When they keep following you, you should enter a street a few blocks away from the Pay 'n' Spray and cause a little accident so the road will be blocked and the police cannot pass it. Then quickly drive to the Pay 'n' Spray and get your car sprayed.
  • Usually there will be a Jetmax at the jetty near the old hospital. Using this fast boat it will be easy to escape the police helicopter and the Predators.


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