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Colt Python
.357, Colt Python,

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The .357, in earlier versions of GTA Vice City known as the Colt Python, is a powerful revolver in GTA Vice City and GTA Liberty City Stories. Most enemies can be killed with one shot, regardless where you hit them. The gun has to be fired while standing still, due to the heavy recoil of the powerful .357 Magnum cartridge, and only holds six rounds. These features make it an excellent choice against single targets and small groups.

Chinatown Wars also features a revolver, simply named revolver this time. Weapons in Chinatown Wars generally behave a bit differently, and the revolver is no exception. It needs more shots to kill, and can be fired while walking. Still not bad, but since it still holds only six rounds, taking on bigger groups results in frequent reloading.
It can be purchased at for $1.200,=. Since it is a premium weapon, the "Fully Cocked License" of $10.000,= has to be bought first.


  • The name Colt Python was originally used in the first version of GTA Vice City, but has been changed to .357 in later versions, possibly because of copyright and trademark infringements. The new name relates back to .357 Magnum cartridge.
  • The .357 seems to be Tommy Vercetti's preferred side arm, as he uses it for the execution of Ricardo Diaz in Rub Out and at the bank robbery in The Job.