Tommy Vercetti

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Tommy Vercetti
Thomas Vercetti
Harwood Butcher
Gender Male
Gang Vercetti Gang
Hometown Vice City
GTA GTA Vice City
Voice Ray Liotta

Thomas Vercetti, usually called Tommy, is the protagonist of GTA Vice City. Tommy worked for the Forelli Family in Liberty City, but his boss Sonny Forelli send him into a trap becaude Tommy got to dangerous. Tommy managed to kill all eleven hit men in Harwood, but he was arrested and send to jail. This incident earned him the nickname "The Harwood Butcher". Tommy didn't found out Sonny set him up.

At the start of GTA Vice City, in 1986, Tommy recently got out of jail. Sonny still thinks he is a threat to his business, so he sends him to Vice City to make a drug deal with the Vance Family. He plans to let Tommy "get started" in Vice City with the help of the corrupt lawyer Ken Rosenberg, so he can take over his business to increase the power of the Forelli Family.

However, the drug deal is ambushed by Ricardo Diaz' men. Only Tommy, Ken and Lance Vance survive, but they have to leave the money and drugs behind. Tommy calls Sonny, who is furious when he hears his money has been stolen. Tommy promises him he will get his money back, and the one responsible for the ambush.

With the help of Ken, Tommy gets in touch with some powerful criminals in Vice City. He also meets Lance Vance, the brother of [[Victor Vance who was killed in the ambush. They agree they should work together to find their attacker, although Tommy is reluctant at first as he prefers to work alone.

The run some errands for Ricardo Diaz and discover he was the one who set up the ambush. Lance tries to kill him without Tommy, but fails. Lance is taken to the junk yard where Tommy has to rescue him before Diaz' men kill him. Tommy does so, and together they manage to break into Diaz' Mansion and kill Diaz.

Tommy starts to create his emporium in Vice City with his new mansion as base of operations. Lance gets increasingly irritated by Tommy as he feels Tommy doesn't treat him as equal. When Sonny finally arives in Vice City to take over Tommy's business, Lance betrays Tommy by choosing Sonny's side. Tommy kills Lance, Sonny and the other Forelli's in a massive gunfight in his mansion. During this shoot-out, Tommy realises his former boss ambushed him fifteen years ago. When all the attackers are dead, Tommy and Ken are looking forward to a future without having to fear the Forelli Family "up north".

However, when Ken Rosenberg leaves rehab in San Andreas in 1992, Tommy does not appear to work with him anymore, as he refuses to take his calls.