8 Ball

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8 Ball
Mullan (?)
8 Ball
Gender Male
Gang Na.
Hometown Liberty City
GTA Advance
GTA Liberty City Stories
Voice Keith "The Guru" Elam

8 Ball or 8-Ball is a criminal weapon and bomb expert in Liberty City. He runs three bomb shops in this city, where vehicles are rigged with car bombs. He also owns a bomb shop in Vice City and Los Santos. He has been convicted of 85 charges of owning a gun without a license.

GTA Liberty City Stories

Toni Cipriani meets 8 Ball twice: in the missions No Money, Mo' Problems and Bringing the House Down. In the latter, 8 Ball arranges the explosives to blow up the old underground subway station in Fort Staunton.

GTA Advance

8 Ball in GTA Advance

In GTA Advance 8 Ball is Mikes second mission boss and aids Mike in his search for Vinnie's murderer. 8 Ball's hands become severely wounded when he gets attacked by members of the Colombian Cartel with flamethrowers in the last mission of the storyline, and he gets arrested not much later.


A year later, in 2001, 8 Ball is transported to Liberty City Penitentiary with Claude and an third man. His hands are still wounded and wrapped in bandages, although the Liberty Tree claims he was hurt when a police officer accidentally poured hot fat on his hands.

When the Colombian Cartel raids the convoy to kidnap the third prisoner, 8 Ball and Claude manage to escape. 8 Ball introduces Claude to his boss Luigi Goterelli in exchange for Claudes help.

Later on, 8 Ball supplies the explosives used by Claude to kill Mike Forelli and sink a ship used as a SPANK factory in the mission Bomb da Base Act II.


  • 8 Ball is the only resident of Liberty City who is present in three GTA's set in that city.
  • Concept art of 8 Ball shows his real name "Mullan", although this was never used in GTA.

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