Against all Odds

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
One of the four cutscenes of Catalina
Against all Odds
Depends on the cut scenes of Catalina
Starts at Marker Inside Track Betting Shop
Given by Catalina
Reward $2,000.=

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After the cut scene you've to drive to the Inside Track Betting Shop, once you're there drive into the red marker.

Catalina will give you Satchel Charges, in case you want more you can find some in the alley next to the Betting Shop. Now go into the Betting Shop. After the cut scene the alarm has been triggered, you've got to blow up the door and the safe. Throw a Satchel Charge to the door and select the detonator, do the same with the safe.

Now you've got a 4 star wanted level. Hurry to the Pay 'n' Spray in Dillimore to get rid of your wanted level. When the police is gone, head back to Catalina's Cabin.


  • Drive with your car into the marker when you start the mission, if you step into the marker your car won't be there when you've left the Betting Shop. So drive into the marker so your getaway car will be ready when you're outside. Which will be useful with a 4 star wanted level.
  • In stead of driving to the Pay 'n' Spray you can also pick up cop bribes, there's one close by: under the Montgomery Intersection. Most likely at the time you'll reach it you've lost a star and by using this Cop Bribe only two stars remaining.