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Beach Bum Update
Release date 19-11-2013
Platform PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
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The Beach Bum Update is the first content update for Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto: Online. Completely free, the update was launched on November the 19th along with the 1.06 patch. The update contains thirty new jobs, four new vehicles, two new weapons and a lot of options for the GTA Online characters: new hats, shirts, t-shirts, shorts and bikinis. Four new hair cuts and some new tattoos are also available, all in a beach theme.


Offline, in single player, the cars can be found in the garages of Franklin, Michael and Trevor and the Speeder at the dock. In GTA Online they have to be bought first from or, though they are completely free of charge.


As with the vehicles, in single player these weapons will be automatically added to each charachter's inventory. Whereas they have to be bought, at no charge, at Ammu-Nation in GTA Online.



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