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Trailer 1

The first trailer was released on 2 november 2011 and showed us the first information about GTA V. The song which is heard is "Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake" by Small Faces.

First trailer of Grand Theft Auto V

The trailer starts with the voice of an - at that moment - unknown person (this appears to be Michael, one of the main characters). He says he is not so sure why he moved to Los Santos; he mentions the weather, the 'magic' of the city. He says that he wanted to get rid of his old life, hinting that he has a criminal past. He continues saying that he wanted to build up a regular life, but, as he says, you know how life goes.

Why did I move here? I guess it was the weather. Or the... I don't know, that thing, that magic. You see it in the movies. I wanted to retire. From what I was doing, you know? From that, that line of work. Be a good guy for once. A family man. So, I bought a big house. Came here, put my feet up. I thought I'd be a dad, like all the other dads. My kids would be like the kids on TV. We'd play ball and sit in the sun, but, well, you know how it is.

The first seconds show us two persons on the beach, together with a dog, in front of one of the lifeguard's houses. The next thing we see is the boulevard and skyline of Los Santos, together with a golf court. Someone races with a Speedophile 2000 jetski in the channels of Los Santos and three hikers enjoy the view over the mountains outside Los Santos. We see someone in a car retracting his rooftop, while he is waiting for someone to pass. Los Santos and its surrounds are shown, including windmills, villas, a highway leading to Downtown, Los Puerta and Little Seoul. Then, we see the beach with an open-air gym, some streets and skyscrapers. The monologue continues and someone in a suit is shown, who turns around just when the next scene starts - the person again appears to be Michael, who is also speaking. The next scene shows a Cropduster flying just above a vineyard, making the people who're working there cough.

When Michael finishes talking, we see a slightly darker side of Los Santos. Three people, dressed up as the "Los Santos Bugstar Pest Control" jump out of a van, holding machine guns before they assault a building. The next scenes show us several homeless and someone who is selling is house, proving that Los Santos is also suffering from the economical crisis, then someone who is being kicked out of club Tequi-La-La, police chases and a burning car. The trailer finishes with a plane, flying over the Vinewood sign, with the city in the background.

Trailer 2

The second trailer was released on 14 november 2012 and provided us more information about the characters' occupations, beside extra pictures of Los Santos. The song is "Skeletons" by Stevie Wonder.

Second trailer of Grand Theft Auto V

The trailer starts with a view from above the Los Santos Observatory, from where you can see a big area of the city. You will see a villa, at the same time hearing how mother Amanda shouts to her daughter Tracey that 'he' is not allowed to come over. In contrast we see Michael, who is enjoying his life next to his pool, talking about his past, which was definitely not how he wanted to live.

Again we see a view over Los Santos' skyline and several shots of the freeways. For the first time we will hear Trevor's voice, telling that most trouble outside Los Santos is caused by him; subsequently he will throw a molotov cocktail into a house. The next scene shows him in front of a filling station where something clearly went wrong. However, Trevor tells us that we shouldn't worry too much about the bodies. Michael, Franklin and Lamar, one of Franklin's friends, will have a meeting. Michael seems to know what Franklin is looking for, after which we see Franklin driving away in a car, which was probably not paid for. He and a girl - probably his girlfriend - show up, who claims that Franklin will never change, regardless how many cars he might have.

In the next scene we see Michael who is probably sitting at a psych, who states that his son James is a good boy. Immediately we see James, who is for some reason hanging at the mast of a ship. This sailing ship is being transported, and Michael is trying to save him together with Franklin. After James has got back into the car, we see him and his father in a car. The boy suggests to "bounce", which clearly surprises Michael.

Trevor shows up again, who is intimidating one of his enemies. Almost immediately we see him flying through a valley in a small air plane, we see a vault blowing open and Franklin chasing his dog Chop. Several shots of dirtbikes are shown, and we see a car driving from the back of an aircraft. The trailer does not conclude chronologically, as it finishes with Michael who is introducing Trevor to Franklin. The last shots show us a police helicopter blown apart by a jet aircraft and the main characters picturing "to see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil".

Trailer 3

The third trailer was released on 30 April 2013. With the third trailer you can choose between three different trailers of the three protagonists.

Third trailer about Michael

Third trailer about Franklin

Third trailer about Trevor

Gameplay video

Grand Theft Auto V gameplay video

The Official Trailer

Official Grand Theft Auto trailer

Next Gen Tease Trailer

Grand Theft Auto V Next Gen trailer

A Picket Fence and a Dog Named Skip

A Picket Fence and a Dog Named Skip trailer

Grand Theft Auto V - First Person Experience

First Person Experience trailer van Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V - PS3 to PS4 Comparison

PS3 to PS4 Comparison van Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V - The Official PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Launch

The Official PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Launch trailer van Grand Theft Auto V

GTA Online Heists Trailer

Grand Theft Auto V - GTA Online Heists Trailer

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