Beverly Johnson

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Beverly Johnson
Beverly Johnson
Gender Female
Gang Grove Street Families
Hometown Los Santos (Grove Street)
GTA GTA San Andreas
Voice Na.

Beverly Johnson is the mother of Carl, Sean, Kendl and Brian Johnson. This last son, Brian, passed away in 1987 and besides he's mentioned sometimes he isn't part of any of the GTA-series further on. Beverly passes away during a drive-by from the green Sabre of the Ballas, as is shown in The Introduction. The only picture of Beverly is a photo of her, in the game it's shown in the first cut scene where Carl meets Big Smoke.


The father of CJ died probably years ago, in The Introduction we hear Carl Johnson mention it once. He says that he never knew his father, but that his brother made his life miserable. Therefore his father wasn't probably a real role-model for his children and it's to be assumed that he also met his end in the criminal world.