Sean "Sweet" Johnson

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Sweet pasfoto.jpg
Sean Johnson
Gender Male
Gang Grove Street Families
Hometown Los Santos
GTA GTA San Andreas
Voice Faizon Love

Sean Johnson, nicknamed Sweet, is Carls older brother. He is the leader of the Grove Street Families and would do anything for his gang. Contrary to other gang leaders, he does not approve using or selling hard drugs and tries to keep drugs out of his neighbourhood. Sweet lives in Grove Street, in the house next to the Johnson House and drives a light blue Greenwood with the licence plate "GROVE4L" ("Grove for life").

Sweet blames the death of his younger brother Brian in 1987 on CJ. This eventually results in CJ moving to Liberty City and leaving his gang behind, which worsens their relationship. When their mother Beverly is killed in a Ballas drive-by in 1992, Sweet calls CJ to tell him what happened and CJ comes back to Los Santos. Although Sweet did tell him he'd better come home for the funeral, he doesn't want to have anything to do with CJ at first. Only after Carl proves he can make up for his mistakes Sweet changes his attitude towards CJ and gives him a change to become part of the family again.

During a gang war with the Ballas, Sweet is badly hurt and can't escape being arrested when the police arives. Sweet recovers in a prison hospital and is send to jail. Without him or CJ (who was kidnapped and taken to Angel Pine by Tenpenny) to protect Grove Street, the Ballas are able to take over the ghetto's of Los Santos. Carl promises Sweet he'll get him out of prison, which he eventually does with the help of Mike Toreno.

When Carl picks him up at LSPD Headquarters Sweet wants to go back to Grove Street as soon as possible. A reluctant CJ takes him there and shows how the area diminishes due to the Ballas and drugs. He tells Sweet they should forget Grove Street and move on, as he started new possibilities in San Fierro and Las Venturas. Sweet doesn't want to hear it and is furious because Carl forgot about his hood so easily. He insists on fighting back the Ballas and reconquering their turf. With the help of the Varrio Los Aztecas they succeed in regaining much of their territory.

When they go to take care of the traitor Big Smoke and Carl tells Sweet he wants to do this on his own, to make up for his mistakes by doing something for his gang, Sweet knows Carl finally realises the importance of the Grove Street Families.