Donald Love

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Donald Love in GTA Liberty City Stories
Donald Love
Gender Male
Gang None
Hometown Vice City
Liberty City
GTA Vice City
GTA Liberty City Stories
Voice Kyle MacLachlan [III]
Will Janowitz [LCS]

Donald Love is a succesful real estate mogul and media pioneer who owns the Love Media company. He effectively uses criminal tactics, taught by Avery Carrington, to increase his profits.

GTA Vice City

Donald Love in GTA Vice City

In 1986, Donald is a yet inexperienced apprentice of Avery Carrington. He writes down Avery's tactic of creating a gang war to decrease real estate prices in the mission Two bit hit, in which Tommy Vercetti disrupts a Haitian funeral disguised as a Cuban.

GTA Liberty City Stories

Thirteen years later, Donald Love is an independent real estate mogul who tries to make his fortune in Liberty City. He runs for mayor of Liberty City and utilizes Toni Cipriani in his campaign. However, his chances are minimized when his ties with the Leone Family are revealed to the public. In an attempt to regain his lost fortune, he orders Toni to kill his former mentor Avery Carrington to seize his plans on a construction site. Toni does so, and later brings him Avery's corpse so Donald Love can eat it, as he is a cannibal and necrophiliac.


Donald Love in GTA III

In 2001 Donald Love has become a more stable and experienced businessman, although he still uses his criminal methods and still enjoys his macabre hobbies.

Claude meets him after he destroyed photographs of Love present at a "morgue party" so they wouldn't become public. Love gives Claude several jobs. At one time, he uses Avery Carringtons method of creating a gang war to decrease , a method he learned many years ago:

Nothing drives down real-estate prices like a good old-fashioned gang war, apart from an outbreak of plague... But that might be going too far in this case.
– Donald Love

Most of his other missions resolve around a mysterious package Claude has to collect, protect and deliver. In his last mission, Donald Love disappears and takes his package with him, leaving only the empty box.

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