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We aim not to lose it We aim not to lose it
Anna Rex Anna Rex Anna Rex is a clothing brand, which also occured in GTA IV and GTA Chinatown Wars. The brand derives it's name from the anorexia nervosa disorder.
Bugstars Bugstars Bugstar is a pest control company. It's name is probably based on Starbucks, a coffeehouse chain. The company's slogan, Bug-R-Us, is a parody on Toys-R-Us.
Bum buddy Bum buddy The last P on the gym's sign has been erased and the first P has been replaced by the letter B, thus changing the gym's name to bum buddy. This is a term for a gay partner.
Fleeca Fleeca Fleeca is a parody on Visa.
Mile High Club Mile High Club Mile High Club is a term to describe two persons having sexual intercourse on board of a plane. In GTA V, the Mile High Club is a name of an incomplete skyscraper.
Speedophile Speedophile Speedophile 2000 is a name of a jetski. The name is a combination of the terms 'speed and pedophile.
Tequi-la-la Tequi-la-la A nightclub located in Los Santos, the name is probably based on the Mexican alcoholic beverage tequila. It could be a nightclub based on the Los Angeles based nightclub "Whiskey a Go Go".
Up-n-Atom Burger Up-n-Atom Burger Up-n-Atom Burger is a parody on the American chain of fast food restaurants In-N-Out Burger.
Frozen Alien Frozen Alien In the Prologue mission an alien can be found in the frozen river near the railroad.

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