Easy as Can Be

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Mission in GTA IV
Search and Delete
Easy as Can Be
Out of the Closet
Starts at BrucieMarker.png Brucie's House
Given by Brucie
Reward $3500,=

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When this mission starts Brucie will tell you that Lyle Rivas, from the previous mission, still had a car worth it to be stolen. The car is parked behind some houses in an alleyway in Steinway. Brucie says it is without any risk and it is ‘Easy as Can Be”. But when you get in the car, an Oracle, it turns out to be otherwise: friends of Lyle Rivas will come after you in three Sultans and the passenger will perform a drive-by at you. You have to get the car to Brucie’s garage. When you get there the mission will be passed.


  • Instead of driving away you can also kill your chasers first. Get out of the car after the cut scene and kill the gangsters behind you. When they are dead you walk back to the car and you go through the alley on your left, there will be another car with two attackers. After you killed them there will be a third car with two more attackers. After you killed them as well, you will no longer be attacked while driving back to Brucie’s garage. You will probably have to use free aim, and a pump shotgun will come in handy. The combat shotgun of course will be even better.


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