Electro baton

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Electro baton
Electro baton
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GTA2 (Scrapped)

The electro baton is a weapon created for GTA2, but was scrapped before the game was released. Although the electro baton isn't featured ingame, it can be scripted to appear in mods.

The electro baton is a baton which, like the electrogun, emits an electrical charge to your opponent. When you pull the trigger, the weapon fires a single bullet. If this bullet hits an pedestrian, a charge will arch between the weapon and the target. This will not hurt the target, but he or she will atomically start walking and won't be able to run. Even jumping will slow down. Only when the electrical charge is broken, the target can run again.

SWAT met electro baton


  • The weapon appears at the car crusher when you crush the fifth car in the DECLARE_POWERUP_CARLIST. In the default districts, this is fixed by adding a vehicle that can't be found in the district, a vehicle that can't be lifted or by adding a vehicle that's declared earlier in the code.
  • The electro baton can be seen in artwork of a SWAT cop. Later artwork shows a SWAT team with electroguns. The police uses neither in the actual game, probably because the weapons are to powerful.
The electro baton in a mod.

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