Vehicle bomb

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Vehicle bomb
Vehicle bomb
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A vehicle bomb or car bomb is a powerful explosive which is mounted into a vehicle. When the bomb detonates, the vehicle will explode and destroy everything nearby. Vehicle bombs can be bought at so-called bomb shops. 8 Ball is an explosives expert and runs several bomb shops in Liberty City, Vice City and Los Santos.

There are several different types of car bombs.

Time bomb

The standard and most known car bomb is a time bomb. A time bomb will explode a few seconds (usually five) after you activated it. Grand Theft Auto, GTA London and GTA2 only have this bomb.

Remote bomb

This car bomb comes with a remote. The bomb will explode when the button is pressed, so you can wait for the perfect moment to detonate the bomb.

Engine bomb

The engine bomb is connected with the engine of the vehicle, which means the car will explode when the engine is started after the bomb is activated. This bomb is used in the mission Mike Lips Last Lunch in GTA III, in which it kills Mike Forelli.

Instant vehicle bomb

Instant vehicle bomb

The instant vehicle bomb is a unused weapon in GTA2, but it can still be used for mods. The bomb is the same as the normal vehicle bomb, but it lacks a timer and will explode immediately when you press the button. This means you commit suicide when you use this bomb.