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Mission in GTA IV
Weekend at Florian's
Portrait of a Killer
Dining Out
Starts at GambettiMarker.png Hospital in Schottler
Given by Jon Gravelli
Reward $12.000

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Gravelli wants you to cooperate with him. In exchange for it he will help you in your search, and he will tell you the police have a file on you, and he might be able to do something about it. When you start the cut scene, Gravelli will tell you a good friend of him is coming to Liberty City today to give a speech. It is a speech about the organized Russian crime which is growing. Gravelli things there will be some people who do not want this speech to be told. Maybe even your best friend Dimitri Rascalov.

You will have to make sure Gravelli’s best friend will make it to city hall. He will be waiting for you at Grand Easton Terminal in Bismarck. When you get there you will be told you will drive in the convoy. So get in the car and wait for Bobby Jefferson to get in. Then follow the first car until you reach a blockade. Someone dressed as a working man will draw a gun and shoot one of Bobby Jefferson’s men. Niko and Bobby will hide in an alley, after which the first car will be blown up with a RPG.

When you regain control over Niko, you will have to kill all the attackers. Use the alley for cover and open fire. Beware of the ones in the opposite alley, the have a clear shot at you. There also will be some enemies on the roof to your left. Once you killed everyone you can see, you better return to Bobby. Jump towards the roof and pull yourselves up. From up the roof you will be able to kill the remaining enemies. Then go back to the convoy and take Bobby to the city hall. While driving a few cars will chase you and open fire at you. Kill them or stay ahead. Once Bobby Jefferson reaches city hall, the mission is passed.


  • Start the mission with full health and body armor.
  • There will be health in the alley. This first aid kit will respawn, so come back if you are short on health.
  • If you regain control over Niko after the convoy is ambushed, you better climb up the roof and kill everyone from up there.
  • It might sounds strange, but right behind the convoy there will be a bus which is perfect for the last part of the mission. The Russians will not be able to destroy it with their guns. When Bobby is in the bus, you drive to the crossing in front of you. There you wait for the enemies, and you shoot at them through the windshield with a SMG. You do not have to leave the bus, but make sure they do not get to close; otherwise they will try to get you out of the bus.