Portrait of a Killer

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Mission in GTA IV
Wrong is Right
Portrait of a Killer
Dust Off
Starts at ULPCMarker.png United Liberty Paper Office
Given by United Liberty Paper Contact
Reward $6750,=

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Your contact tells you to find someone for him. He will send you a text-message with a photo and further explanation. To find this guy you will have to steal a police car to find out his hide-out. So get yourself a police car. You will receive the text-message with the assignment to locate the man on the photo and to kill him. When you are in a police car, park it along the road and press the button to access the police computer. Go to “Search Police Records” and choose “Search by Photo”. Upload the photo. The computer will search and you will find out that his name is Adam Dimayev and where he lives. Go to his hide-out. When you get there, there appear to be a lot of bodyguards. You have to kill everyone. First kill the ones on the lower level and then the ones on the higher level. Then you go to the higher level to kill the rest of them. There is a ladder against the wall. When all the bodyguards are dead you can choose to kill Dimayev, or let him live. When you choose to let him live, you have to leave the area.


  • You can find a police car over here. It is behind a police station and there are no policemen, so no wanted level!
  • Before you walk to Dimayev’s hide-out, you better go across the street and use a sniper rifle to shoot most of the bodyguards. You can hit them, but they will not hit you.
  • When you walk up the slope, you can throw a grenade towards the car. It will kill several bodyguards in once.


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