Farewell, my Love

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Made in Heaven and
last Catalina-mission
Wu Zi Mu
Farewell, my Love
Are You Going to San Fierro?
Starts at Marker The Panopticon
Given by Catalina
Reward Doherty Garage

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This is the exact same race as Wu Zi Mu, but here you'll start at the finish and finish at the start of that race. You're obliged to race with a ZR-350, which can be a pain. The car isn't very steady and will go out of control when you give too much gas, especially in the corners. So, to come in first, only go fast where it's safe to go fast and brake enough before going into corners. A few minor mistakes won't hurt here either, but one big mistake will cost you the race.



First place.
Close to the finish.
Finish marker.
Mission passed!