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Ghost in GTA III · Vehicle list

Based on ZZUnknown Seats 1 Ghost in GTA III
Code 150 PREDATOR Weight 2600 kg
Top speed 190 km/h Gears 5
Acceleration 1.7m/s2 Transmission ZZUnknown
Engine Petrol Location None

Ghost in GTA Liberty City Stories · Vehicle list

GTA Liberty City Stories
Based on ZZUnknown Seats 1 Ghost in GTA Liberty City Stories
Top speed ZZUnknown Location None

The Ghost or Ghost MISSING [PS2][PSN] is a boat that belongs to Ray Machowski's former partner. The boat is similar to the Predator, but lacks the machine guns and police livery. In the PlayStation 2 version of the game, the Ghost is solid blue, in the PC and Xbox versions it is solid black and in the much later released iOS and Android version it uses a combination of blue with a black hull. The PSN version for the PlayStation 3 uses a remasted PlayStation 2 port, whereby the Ghost the same blue colour sports, and similarly bears the same "GHOST missing" name.

It is only available during the mission Gone Fishing. When the player follows the target long enough, he will eventually steer onto the beach and will flee via land. The player is now free to push the boat back into the water.

The "missing" part of the Ghost's name is a suffix that gets added by the game when it cannot find a valid GXT entry, it wil revert to use the internal "game name" with the "missing" suffix. This means that the GXT entry is either deleted or never existed in the PlayStation 2 version, but has been added in the other versions.

GTA Liberty City Stories

The Ghost is normally not available in GTA Liberty City Stories, but does exist within the game's files. Its ID is 193, which can be used to spawn it using CheatDevice's HEX-editor or "custom cheats".

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