Interglobal Films

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Tommy Vercetti in front of the gate of Interglobal Films

Interglobal Films is a filmstudio on Prawn Island, Vice City. Director Reni Wassulmaier is in lead of this factory in the year 1984, and he's producing movie, for example action movies. Two years later, Steve Scott took over the lead of director. In the same year, Tommy Vercetti bought Interglobal Films and, under his lead, adult movies have been made, with for example Candy Suxxx and Mercedes Cortezas actesses. The studio has four big studio's, called Studio A, B, C and D. In those studio's, you will find sets of the landing on the moon, a warship and a living room. Outside, there's a scale model of the warship and also a street from Liberty City.

Interglobal Films costs $60.000,= and it will be marked on the map with this icon: Interglobal Films . The factory gives you four missions: Recruitment Drive, Dildo Dodo, Martha’s Mug Shot and G-Spotlight. After you've completed those missions, Interglobal Films generates an amount of money of $7.000,= a day. There will always be a Patriot and a Packer parked on the terrain of Interglobal Films, and after the mission 'Dildo Dodo', there will be a Skimmer behind the building in the water. In Studio B there's also a M4. The save-icon { Safe-icon ) will appear in the little building of the porter, when you've bought Interglobal Fims. In the same building, there are pictures from an adult-magazine. In ditzelfde hokje hangen overigens afbeeldingen uit een pornoblad.

The decor van Liberty City.
The street in GTA III.
The building of the porter.