Museum Piece

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Mission in GTA IV
Museum Piece
No Way on the Subway
Starts at RayMarker.png Drusilla's, Little Italy
Given by Ray Boccino
Reward $9500
Impossible Trinity

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Ray wants you to sell his diamonds. You will have to meet up with Johnny, who is at the side entrance of the Libertonian. Together you will go in to make the deal. Once you are inside, a cut scene will start in which the deal goes terribly wrong. When you retrieve control over Niko, you will have to escape from the museum. Start by shooting everyone on the same floor as you are. Once you have shot everyone over there, you can look down and shoot the ones on the ground floor. It is easier to shoot them from up there. Once you have done that, go to the stairs. Be careful, some men will come up the stairs, take them down quickly. Go downstairs and kill everyone on this floor. Be careful, it is possible someone will shoot at you from the upper level. Go to the exit on the other side of the room, and go through the white doors, then go left. Watch out, someone will shoot at you. Kill him and the others in the storage room. Go down the stairs and take cover by the wall. You now have to kill the men who have taken cover behind the cars outside. After you have done that you will have to kill the ones who flee. Do not chase them immediately, but kill the ones who leave the museum first. After that you can kill the last ones. After you have done that, you will probably have a wanted level. Lose it and the mission will be passed.


  • It is recommended to start with full health and armor.
  • Once you retrieve control over Niko, you better look to your left. There is a guy with a pistol. Kill him before he does too much damage.
  • When you go down the stairs there will be body armor on a small desk.
  • Near the exit and the elevators there will be health hanging on the wall.
  • After you killed the three men on the stairs, you can go back to where you came from and kill some more men on the first floor. They will not be there until you have done that.
  • Throw a grenade at the cars, so they will all explode. It is best done before the cut scene.
  • If you do not want to chase the men outside the museum, you can also get into a car and drive away. They will try to follow you, but if you get far enough from them they will stop.


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