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Pan European Game Information (abbreviated to 'PEGI') is an European rating board for video games. The rating is a recommendation, which means it is not illegal to sell a 18+ game to youngsters. Game developers have to volunteer to let PEGI rate their games.


Icon Explanation Icon Explanation
3 Three years and older Discrimination Game contains depictions of, or material which may encourage, discrimination.
7 Seven years and older Drugs Game refers to or depicts the use of drugs.
12 Twelve years and older Bad language Game contains bad language.
16 Sixteen years and older Gambling Games that encourage or teach gambling.
18 Eighteen years and older Violence Game contains depictions of violence.
*Note: these age categories may vary in some countries. Sex Game depicts nudity and/or sexual behaviour or sexual references.
Scary Game may be frightening or scary for young children.

Grand Theft Auto at PEGI

De Grand Theft Auto series usually received an 18+ rating, because of the violence in the game. Note that the explanation may be different for the console versions.

GTA Rating Explanation
Grand Theft Auto No Rating
GTA: London 1969 en -1969 No Rating
GTA2 18+ 18+ Violence
GTA III 18+ 18+ Violence
GTA Vice City (PS2- en Xbox-versie) 18+ 18+ Violence
GTA Vice City (PC-versie) 18+ 18+ Violence, bad language
GTA San Andreas (PS2-versie) 18+ 18+ Violence
GTA San Andreas (PC- en Xbox-versie) 18+ 18+ Violence, bad language
GTA Advance 16+ 16+ Violence
GTA Liberty City Stories 18+ 18+ Violence, bad language
GTA Vice City Stories 18+ 18+ Violence, bad language
GTA IV 18+ 18+ Violence, drugs, bad language

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