Paper Trail

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Mission in GTA IV
Dust Off
Paper Trail
That Special Someone
Starts at ULPCMarker.png United Liberty Paper Office
Given by United Liberty Paper Contact
Reward $7500,=

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When you get a call your contact will tell you it is time to eliminate a target. Little Jacob will help you, Go to him, he is waiting for you in the Maverick. Take off and fly towards the helicopter in which your target is. Follow him until you can take him down without any innocent people dying because of the crash. When you are above open water Jacob can take it down with a RPG. Fly behind the other helicopter on the same level, a bit to the right of it. This way Jacob will be able to aim the best. When Jacob has taken down the helicopter you have to drop him off at marker Helitour. Your contact will call you to tell you that he will help you searching for your special someone.


  • When you are chasing the other helicopter you should not take the same route, but fly above it. That way you do not have to fly between the buildings, but you will stay close enough.


When you follow your opponent and fly underneath the Broker Bridge, you may get the notification that you passed one of the bridges necessary for the Achievement or Trophy Under The Radar. Each time you fly under one of the 14 bridges which have not been done yet this icon Under The Radar appears on the radar and on the in-game map at the bridges that have to be done.


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