Pest Control

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Mission in GTA IV
Weekend at Florian's
To Live and Die in Alderney
Pest Control
That Special Someone
Starts at JimmyMarker.png Jimmy Pegorino's House
Given by Jimmy Pegorino
Reward $14.500

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Part I: Pest Control...

Once you get to Pegorino there will be a conversation in which Ray and Phil are in a quarrel. They are obviously not fond of each other. When Phil leaves the room, Pegorino orders Ray to go as well, because he has to talk to you. He wants you to kill Ray or Phil. He does not know which one yet and he will call you when he does. When he tells you to visit one of them, this will be the assignment to kill that one.

Part II: ...Pest Control

Soon after that Pegorino will call you to visit Ray. He will be in East Holland, in Algonquin. Once you get there Niko will call Pegorino to tell him he sees Rays car. Pegorino will tell you Ray is not stupid and he hired some bodyguards. It will not be easy to kill him. He will give you the tip they will have to tank, which probably give you a chance to do your thing. Two ways to do it are written below at “Tips”. Once everyone is dead, the mission is passed.


  • Start the mission with full health and armor, and at least one grenade for your RPG.
  • Packies car bomb-option will come in handy. If you can use this special ability, choose “Bomb” under his name on your cell phone. He will give you the location of the bomb. Do so after the first part of this mission, Pegorino will probably call you after you have the bomb. Go to the marker, but do not enter it. Around the corner there will be an Oracle and a PMP 600. Go to the back of the first car and place the bomb. Then get into the marker to continue. Follow the two cars until they are going to tank. Get out of your car and select your RPG. Destroy the second car. The first car will drive off quickly. Do not follow them, but kill the ones who are left at the gas station. Once they are all dead you take out your phone. Select “Detonate” under Packies name and the red marker on the radar will disappear.
  • If Packies ability is not yet available, you will have to use the RPG. Follow the cars to the gas station. Get out and aim at the first car. After this one is blown up, quickly destroy the second one. There might be some bodyguards left. Use your car for cover and kill them all to finish the mission.


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