Smackdown (GTA IV)

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Mission in GTA IV
Three Leaf Clover
Stevie's Car Theft
Starts at DerrickMarker.png Alderney City
Given by Derrick McReary
Reward $6500,=
After A Long Way to Fall is also completed:
Alderney Safe House

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Patrick wants you to check on his brother Derrick over in Acter, Alderney. Once you get there, a cut scene will start in which you will see how Derrick is living in a park like some kind of junk. He messed up, he made a mistake and Bucky Sligo still wants to kill him and his family. Derrick asks you to kill Bucky and his associates. You will need a police car for this (there are two in the street to the west of the park), get access to the computer and find out where Bucky lives. Bucky appears to be at the Burger Shot in Alderney. You will call Derrick and he tells you to take the police car to the Burger Shot, and when his associates are not there, Bucky will flee to them when he will see the police car. When you park the car in front of the Burger Shot and Bucky is about to leave it, he will spot you and he will flee to his associates, you will have to follow him. Bucky will not use much of the road; he will drive through alleys and even through gardens. After a while you arrive at a house, you will have to kill everyone who is there. After you killed everyone on the first floor, there is one left at the top of the stairs, approach him carefully and kill him. After that you will have a two star wanted level, which you have to loose to pass the mission.


  • When you get to the house, you better park your car at a distance, and use it for cover to kill everyone outside.
  • When everyone outside is dead, go to the front door and throw a grenade inside, this will kill most of the men.


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