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Brucie will call Niko after completing the mission Smackdown and No. 1. He will say that Stevie, the one who's yellow Comet your lent in Brucie's No. 1, has an job opportunity for you. He is in need of some vehicles, that are parked across Liberty City. After this call Stevie will text you with the details on the first vehicle. Locations are not marked on your map, instead Stevie will say were you can find it, along with a photo. After the text you will have to find the vehicle and bring it to Stevies garage in Bohan. The condition of the vehicle determines how much money you will receive, so drive carefully. Even a single scratch will result in less cash. However, the broken window caused by Niko when stealing a car won't affect it. So try to drive without causing any further damage to your vehicle. See the tips section below when you damage your car but still want the full reward. After delivering the vehicle, Stevie will send his next message six ingame hours later with the details on the next vehicle on his wish list.

Below you can find a sortable table with all the vehicles, sortable on name of the car, max reward and the district it can be found. By using the Tabel.gif-button you can sort them from A to Z ( Sort Up.gif ), or from Z to A ( Sort Down.gif ). The same for the numbers, but now from the highest to the lowest and visa versa. Below the table you'll find the map, with all the locations of the vehicles. By standing on a dot with your mouse, the name of the vehicle will pop up. As said, the vehicles must me delivered to Stevie's in Bohan. His garage is marked with a red dot. You can find the name of the district and the borough in the table, this can simply the searching. Even more accurate searching can be done by using the hyperlink in the column "Map Section".

Vehicle Reward Borough District Map Section
NRG 900 $08.250,= Algonquin Lancaster Northwest
Sentinel $08.250,= Alderney Normandy Northwest
Super GT $36.300,= Algonquin The Exchange Southwest
Washington $07.260,= Dukes Steinway Northeast
Voodoo $06.600,= Dukes East Island City Northeast
Infernus $33.000,= Broker Downtown Southeast
Comet $19.800,= Algonquin Westminster Southwest
Rebla $11.550,= Algonquin The Triangle Southwest
Dukes $07.260,= Algonquin East Holland Northwest
PMP 600 $10.560,= Algonquin The Exchange Southwest
Rancher $08.250,= Alderney Port Tudor Southwest
Sultan $11.550,= Alderney Berchem Northwest
Moonbeam $07.260,= Charge Island Charge Island Northeast
Sabre GT $08.250,= Dukes Meadow Hills Northeast
Patriot $16.500,= Algonquin Castle Gardens Southwest
Huntley Sport $13.200,= Bohan Northern Gardens Northeast
Bucanneer $05.940,= Bohan Industrial Northeast
Cavalcade $23.100,= Alderney Leftwood Northwest
Freeway $06.600,= Dukes Willis Southeast
Intruder $08.250,= Broker Rotterdam Hill Southeast
Dilettante $06.600,= Dukes Willis Northeast
DF8-90 $05.940,= Broker Hove Beach Southeast
Turismo $36.300,= Alderney Westdyke Northwest
Banshee $26.400,= Algonquin Middle Park West Northwest
Faggio $02.310,= Algonquin China Town Southwest
Manana $03.960,= Dukes Cerveza Heights Southeast
Bobcat $08.250,= Dukes Francis International Airport Southeast
Coquette $13.530,= Algonquin Suffolk Southwest
Cognoscenti $29.700,= Alderney Alderney City Northwest
Contender $08.250,= Broker Boabo Southeast


Stevie's Car Theft Northwest Northeast Whole map
Southwest Southeast Color Print friendly
Stevie's Garage
Huntley Sport
NRG 900
PMP 600
Sabre GT
Super GT
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  • Let a parking space free at your safe house in Bohan. When you want the entire reward and you damage your vehicle on the way to the garage, park it here and save your game. Then, reload your savegame and the vehicle will be fully repaired.
  • When you want to steal more then one car in a row, but don't want to wait six hours long for Stevie to send his next text; go to your safe house in Bohan. Lay down on the bed, and stand back up by either save your game or cancel the save. Six hours will be passed, no matter if you have saved or canceled. Take a taxi to safe yourself the back and forth driving; now you'll only have to drive the car back. Roman's special ability can be very useful.


  • The Achievement [X360] [PC] of Trophy [PS3] "You Got The Message".
  • You can deliver any vehicle to Stevie, excluding governmental vehicles. He will give you money for it, depending on the vehicle itself and its current condition. Thus, you'll fetch more for an Infernus than for a Faggio. A list of vehicles and their rewards can be found in the table below. Government vehicles, taxis, boats and helicopters are not accepted in the garage. The Enforcer and Police Stockade however, are exceptions.
Vehicle Reward
Admiral $2.500,=
Airtug $1.500,=
Banshee $8.000,=
Benson $4.000,=
Biff $4.000,=
Blista Compact $1.500,=
Bobcat $2.500,=
Boxville $1.800,=
Bucanneer $1.800,=
Burrito $2.200,=
Bus $4.000,=
Cavalcade $7.000,=
Cavalcade FXT $5.500,=
Chavos $2.000,=
Cognoscenti $9.000,=
Comet $6.000,=
Contender $2.500,=
Coquette $4.100,=
DF8-90 $1.800,=
Dilettante $2.000,=
Dukes $2.200=
Emperor $2.500,=
Enforcer $4.000,=
Esperanto $1.800,=
Faction $1.800,=
Faggio $0.700,=
Feltzer $3.000,=
Feroci $1.800,=
Flatbed [1] $4.000,=
Fortune $1.600,=
Forklift $2.500,=
Freeway $2.000,=
Futo $1.400,=
Habanero $3.200,=
Hakumai $1.500,=
Hellfury $2.500,=
Huntley Sport $4.000,=
Infernus $10.000,=
Ingot $1.000,=
Intruder $2.500,=
Landstalker $3.000,=
Laundromat $2.200,=
Lokus $1.300,=
Manana $1.200,=
Marbelle $1.500,=
Merit $1.800,=
Minivan $2.000,=
Moonbeam $2.200,=
Mr. Tasty $2.200,=
Mule [1] $2.500,=
NRG 900 $2.500,=
Oracle $2.500,=
Packer $4.000,=
Patriot $5.000,=
PCJ 600 $2.000,=
Perennial $2.200,=
Peyote $2.500,=
Phantom [1] $4.000,=
Pinnacle $2.000,=
PMP 600 $3.200,=
Pony $1.800,=
Premier $1.800,=
Presidente $2.500,=
Primo $1.800,=
Police Stockade $4.000,=
Rancher $2.500,=
Rebla $3.500,=
Ripley $2.500,=
Romero $2.200,=
Roman's Taxi $2.000,=
Ruiner $1.900,=
Sabre $2.000,=
Sabre GT $2.500,=
Sanchez $1.200,=
Schafter $2.500,=
Sentinel $2.500,=
Speedo $2.000,=
Securicar $4.000,=
Stallion $2.200,=
Stratum $1.800,=
Steed $2.200,=
Stretch $2.500,=
Sultan $3.500,=
Sultan RS $2.500,=
Super GT $11.000,=
Trashmaster $2.200,=
Turismo $11.000
Uranus $1.500,=
Vigero $1.800,=
Vincent $2.000,=
Virgo $1.800,=
Voodoo $2.000,=
Washington $2.200,=
Willard $1.800,=
Yankee [1] $3.000,=
Zombie $2.500,=


[1] Without the use of modifications, this vehicle is unable to get into the garage.

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