Street Sweeper

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Mission in GTA IV
Escuela of the Streets
Street Sweeper
Luck of the Irish
Starts at MannyMarker.png
Given by Manny Escuela
Reward $1100,=

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In the cut scene you will see Manny talking with Francis McReary. He promised him to "clean" the streets of Bohan. Manny wants you to kill some gang members, who are in a garage in South Bohan. Three gang members are in the garage and two are in a car. Once you start shooting the car will drive off. Shoot the men in the garage and then follow the car. When you have the correct gun you can shoot from your car. When all gang members are dead, the mission is passed.


  • When the car with the gang members drives off, you must not chase it immediately. First you must shoot the gang members in the garage, to prevent them from leaving, and than chase the car. It will drive around first, so you will not lose it out of sight.
  • Remember that they will not shoot or flee until you attack them. So if you take down the driver first (like with a headshot) the car will not leave the garage.
  • There is another way to prevent them from driving off. Take a vehicle (preferably a heavy one, like a Trashmaster) and go to the garage. Place your vehicle in front of the car and run against it. Push it up against the back wall. Get out and shoot the three gang members and after that the ones inside the car. This way you do not have to chase it.
  • Make sure you have enough ammunition for your SMG, because you probably have to do a drive-by.


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